Suavs Shoes Mesh Slipons

One thing that is an absolute must in the city is comfortable shoes. Some women are content to wobble around town in pain, but I am not one of them.

I log five+ miles on my typical NYC day (as seen here) and as such it’s imperative that I am comfy and cozy in whichever kicks I have donned. I’m a massive fan of slip-ons and have a pair of suede ones for years that I wear frequently. When I saw these Suavs shoes slip-ons I was so intrigued because the thin sole + mesh seemed to offer a super lightweight alternative to my bulky suede ones that I love so very much.

Initially I thought these would be great for my treks to pilates and my various walks with Lily throughout the day. I wasn’t expecting to like these mesh slipons so much that I would be wearing them every day and logging over 25 miles in them in the first week! But, alas, it always goes that way.

There are a few things about these shoes that I think make not only for a great design, but also make them an amazingly practical choice for everyday wear. First, Suavs Shoes have an insole that is removable. Which means they can be washed! Hallelujah! Second, the mesh upper is so breathable yet somehow keeps your feet warm when it’s a bit chilly out. And third, the strap over the shoe is elastic on the side which helps accommodate both wider and more narrow feet. I can’t say enough good things about these shoes and plan to take them on my next trip. I saw this week that they now have debuted a lace-up version and I can’t wait to get my feet into a pair of those!


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