Black And White D’Orsay Pumps


I’ve found myself not only blogging about black and white, but also gravitating towards this chic color combo in my own wardrobe. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve acquired the three pairs of shoes seen above. I’m a sucker for the cut of d’orsay pumps, there’s something so ladylike and subtly sexy about a shoe that is cut to show the arch of the foot. The great thing about these three pairs is that they all have quite a low heel so they are perfect for wearing around the city on errands, to lunch, or even to work. I wore this same style shoe on my birthday in red with gold studs and I couldn’t believe how comfy they were! Yes, I know, sky high heels with platforms are what everyone is clamoring for these days, but to be honest I welcome the break from teetering in those shoes that dare to defy gravity. I’m not throwing out my 6″ heels, but I am sure these guys are going to get alot more rotation in the weekly line up.

What’s your take on low heels? Love them or leave them?

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