Current Covet: Box Clutches

The structure, the definitive amount of (quite limited) space, the masculinity of such an unforgiving design… these are the exact reasons why I adore box clutches. When you’re moving about the city during the day, doing errands, going out after work, etc I can give you a pass for carrying a larger bag. However, when I see girls showing up for drinks with their friends or for a night out and they’re carrying what appears to be a miniature suitcase my brain can’t help but attempt to reason “why?”. My most common thought is that they don’t plan to go home that night– thus they’ve got their “slutbag” (as you men have so courteously coined it) in tow. You know, clothes for the next day, toothbrush, 4 pounds of makeup, and flats. Why else would someone show up for a couple hours of drinks carrying a bag large enough to fit a body in it?? For some a clutch is too small, because they like to carry the entire MAC counter around with them and touch up their makeup every five minutes– more power to you if you’ve got that kind of dogged determination to preserving your perfectly made-up face. So you makeup lovers get a pass on the big bag scenario, I suppose… if I have to give someone a pass that is.

For the rest of us, the clutch is perfectly sized. Big enough for a wallet, keys, phone & some lippy. Previously clutches have been far less attractive (random sizes, long and flat?!) and I will admit I had quite an aversion to them for many years. However, the current box clutches are darn near perfection (according to me). With all the soft layers one dons in fall/winter, the masculinity of the box clutch is the perfect juxtaposition. Lanvin definitely has cornered the market as far as covetable designs go. So many gorgeous pieces to choose from! These are two of my favs– love the jewel in the mouth of the tiger’s head.

More alluring box clutches that I’d love to add to my collection- you know, if I had a spare $2k to blow on a bag with a volume of 24″:

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