Fashion Flashback: Denim Overalls

The sight of denim overalls conjures up middle school memories… baggy overalls, occasionally leaving that one shoulder undone in hopes of looking half as cool as the girls I’d seen doing it on tv. By “girls” I quite specifically mean the group TLC, but as I wasn’t allowed to watch that sort of television as a child I’ll stick to the story that includes these anonymous “girls”. (Mom/Dad, if you’re reading this, I totally never snuck to watch those shows. Just trying to sound cool here. Please don’t retroactively ground me!)

Luckily TLC’s version of overalls is a thing of the past and the new ones offer a more tailored look. I was inspired by the photo above to create a collage to show just how easy it is to look chic in these! A white tank, metallic heel, and a neutral cross body bag– good to go!

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  1. Elisabeth
    March 31, 2014 / 6:00 AM

    I think that a pair of overalls look really boring, do you have a trick to make them more fancy? Or can you spice them up in a way?

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