Goodbye NYC // Hello LA

It’s no secret that I have a thing for mega-cities. My previous residences include London, Seoul, and most recently NYC. Today, I’m in my newest city of residence, Los Angeles! So many changes come with a cross-country move and in turn endless possibilities as well. I must admit, I was slightly devestated to leave my NYC apartment. It was so ideally located and had such charm. Do you see the fireplace above?! Hands down my favorite bit! White washed and flooded with light from three large windows to the left, the fireplace was a nod to the history and past lives of the apartment. I would often wonder who had lived there and ponder what their lives had looked like. Seeing this little piece of history in my living space made me feel so happy to be a part of its present life.

Now I’m in a new city and a new space. Spoiler alert – I FREAKING LOVE MY NEW PLACE. There’s nothing this Aquarius loves more than bright white airy spaces, and dang did I luck out on this one. Decorating will be a (welcomed) challenge as I am starting entirely fresh. Eek! It’s partially exciting, but also slightly overwhelming. The best bit of my new space is the kitchen – I’m pretty sure I will be spending the majority of my time at home in this dreamy white space. I’m also excited to be creating more interior decor posts in the future where I will share my progress as I outfit my space.

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