Harajuku, Tokyo Barbie Store

harajuku tokyo barbie store

Who as a little girl did not play with Barbies? My sisters and I had a bevy of Barbies that were kitted out in the latest in miniature fashion (aside from my youngest sister who always kept her Barbies nude, but that is another story for another day). My mom and my nana both made outfits for our Barbies so that we and our dolls could have matching outfits, and also so that they had unique clothes that none of our friends’ dolls had. I think, perhaps, this is where my fondness for the obscure originated. As a child I actually had some Barbie clothes that belonged to my mom’s Barbies back in the day that her mother and grandmother had made. So stumbling across this store in Harajuku was a friendly reminder of childhood fun and a nice little piece of America on the other side of the globe.

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