Kitchen Seating Inspirations

kitchen bench seating inspiration

(via HouseBeautiful)

I’ve been working with a realtor to find my next big project– a new home! In the meantime I’ve made about 100 mental lists for items / inspiration inside the home. Which is awesome, but the thing about my mental lists is that I often, ok almost always, forget things. This kitchen / dining area wouldn’t typically be my style as it’s a bit too whimsical in color and pattern choice, but for a small space with limited seating options I think it’s pretty brilliant to infuse this candy shop pallette. The settee could be left there as a seating area while the additional tulip chairs are moved elsewhere to free up the floor space. The trellis floor creates a great visual that carries the eye through the room, and if you’re not ready to go the full monty and paint the floor there’s always the option of a rug. The painting above the settee reminds me of a slice of agate, and I really enjoy it in this space.

I’ve found similar chairs to those above for under $150 and comparable items to recreate this space on your own <3

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  1. Ana W.
    March 30, 2015 / 11:36 AM

    Lavender + Grey = Perfection. Probably my favorite combination.

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