The Skimm: Being Informed Is Always In Style

Regardless of where I am (at home in Orlando/NYC, an Airbnb in Bogota, hotel in San Fran, beach bungalow in El Nido…) I start everyday the same way. With coffee and catching up on the latest in world news via The Skimm. If you’re one of my BFFE I probably made you sign up a year ago, if you’re wondering “what the heck is The Skimm?” First, let me ask: who are your friends? I kid, I kid. Lemme break it down for you a bit 😉 Think Cliff’s Notes for the news. It’s basically the most important news of the past 24 hours delivered in a bite sized, funny, semi-snarky fashion. Seriously, much like coffee, I can’t start my day without it! It’s entirely free and delivered to your inbox around 6am.

This is not an ad, nor am I employed by The Skimm – though people have questioned this as I flap my arms around saying “omg you have to sign up!” Because, the thing is, being informed will always be in style. 2016 is a BIG YEAR for America. For the world. It’s easy to get overwhelmed (and frankly densitized) with all the news  / media in your face 24/7. That’s why I love this service. It takes a couple minutes to read, you gain information / knowledge and it’s so easily digestible. The Skimm makes it easy to be smarter! Do you guys remember that quote we all learned back in elementary school “knowledge is power”? Welp, unlike Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy it turns out that this one is true. Click here and join the rest of us on the informed side ❤️


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