White After Labor Day?

I love white year round– spring, summer, fall, or winter I don’t discriminate when it comes to donning this clean crisp color. I actually wore white denim with a white shirt on my first date with my boo two+ years ago and to this day it’s one of his favorites.

Some say white after Labor Day is a don’t, but I am rarely one to follow such “rules”. I do think the original intention was to not wear white shoes after Labor Day, but now some people have taken a step farther and are saying no white after Labor Day, period. (Who makes these so-called rules anyway?)

I wear silver and gold with reckless abandonment and love it. You will rarely find me without both silver and gold adorning my wrists/fingers. I love the yin and yang of mixing my metals. I wear black with brown– it can be totally chic when done properly, yet many claim it’s a don’t. I wear navy with black– also chic in my book, but a don’t according to others! So it’s no surprise that I completely ignore the nay sayers when it comes to wearing my whites post summer. I will however say that I am -rarely- a fan of white heels, and I do mean rarely.  White loafers I love, but white pumps… not so much. So, you most likely will not see me in white pumps post Labor Day (or ever), but hey, stranger things have happened and I do love breaking the ‘rules’ when it comes to these sorts of things. Fashion is an art open to interpretation, so I really tend to shun such notions of when to wear what and encourage others to do the same!

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