Computer Glasses – Blue Light Protection

Computer glasses. Total. Game. Changer.

Though I have perfect vision, my eyes are super sensitive and become fatigued easily from computer monitors. Basically I’ve been struggling with computer eyestrain AKA digital eyestrain for years and didn’t even know there was a name for it. #bloggerprobs

The awesome news is that there’s a solution! I heard about computer glasses to protect eyes from digital eyestrain some time ago, but I never actually came across a pair of these ‘computer glasses’ and thus forgot they existed. Or maybe I stopped believing they did? Then came along Pixel! They created computer glasses that provide blue light protection while being super stylish – the perfect marriage of function and fashion.

It is reported that nearly 70% of Americans experience digital eyestrain – yikes! And did you know blue light exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration?! Double yikes. This is not great news for millennials. I hope you’re all taking notes, my friends!

Pixel’s glasses are specifically designed to absorb and reflect high-energy blue light that causes computer eye strain. These computer glasses also have 100% UV protection which is awesome for the days I wish to work outside at my favorite local cafe.

What I didn’t expect to experience is the improved clarity of computer images – wow. I read that this is due to the improved color contrast between objects that these computer glasses provide. I actually started wearing them to watch tv too and I’m telling you there’s a difference! It’s also worth noting that they also make regular glasses for those of you who wear specs on the reg.

I’m wearing the Ventus c/o Pixel in the photos above – and they’re currently on sale. You can also use the code PIXEL17 for $5 off your eyeglass purchase. And not to worry, Pixel offers free shipping and free returns so you can try these babies stress free.

**This post contains sponsored items from Pixel, but all opinions are my own.


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