Bell Bottoms 40 Years Later

While doing some research on the trends of past decades I noticed that bell bottoms made their debut in 1972… hard to believe that was 40 years ago. I most always wear skinny jeans, but not too long ago I saw a pair of bell bottoms that were as near to perfect as possible. A pared down version of the originals- these were like skinny jeans through the thigh and came out to a baby bell at the bottom. They were slimming, lengthening… pretty much everything that one does not associate with bell bottom pants. The version from days gone by are wider through the leg and had quite a large flare which began at the knee. This version has a tendency to make those with shorter frames and curves look even shorter and thicker and seem to best suit those lucky individuals with a statuesque body type.

However, don’t fret my non-ballerina readers there are some available with amazingly flattering cuts. Look for a pair that is fitted through the thighs and has a bell which begins to flare ever so slightly rather than all at once. Also look for a flare that starts lower down the pant as the higher the flare starts the shorter the fitted portion of the jeans will be– thus truncating the look of the leg. Below are a few that I like ranging from about $65-$200. When shopping for denim always remember to ignore the size and brand. Who cares who made them and what size they are if you look fabulous in them?! Buying a size down for vanity purposes will only ensure one of two things– 1) you’ll never actually wear them or 2) you will wear them and be uncomfortable all night. If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing you aren’t going to appear confident or sexy. No one checks the sizes on your clothes… believe me. As for brand, go with what suits your body type and your budget. There’s no need to waste extra money buying a pair of jeans from the moment’s “it” designer if they don’t fit properly. Confidence is sexy. Buy what makes you feel good.


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