Donning All Black To Avoid Decision Fatigue

Did you know you make approximately 35,000 decisions daily?! đŸ˜± Donning all black not only gives your look an instantly chic vibe, but also = everything easily matches = less time and energy spent on decision making = aids avoiding…

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Not Your Average Avocado Toast

Kimchi avocado toast. Yup, I took it there. It’s no surprise that I’m a massive fan of the fermented goodness that is kimchi. When I roll into a Korean restaurant I always end up with atleast four variations on the…

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Art Of Gifting With L’Occitane

*This post is sponsored by L’Occitane. All opinions are my own.  This holiday season I received three gift boxes from L’Occitane, along with a set of holiday crackers. I love that gift boxes give you the luxury of trying many…

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Hum Nutrition Review

Spoiler alert: I am a massive fan of HUM Nutrition. Massive. From my first experience with HUM‘s user interface to their packaging to their efficacy – HUM has the vitamin/supplement/nutrtion game on lock. Selecting vitamins and supplements can be so daunting. With…

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Los Angeles

Label Love : Krisa Sheer Black Blouse

I won’t be partaking in any Halloween festivities this year, so this raw edge black sheer blouse by Krisa is as close as I’m going to get to a costume. I was recently introduced to Krisa and immediately was smitten. Not…

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