Camo Makes A Comeback


A couple weeks ago while shopping I spotted this great camo blazer. As soon as I tried it on the bf declared that I had to have it. He loved the soft fabric & perfect fit as much as I did, perhaps more. As we were making our way to the register I had a brief internal chuckle at the fact that I was about to own a camo blazer, or camo anything for that matter. Being from Kentucky I’ve pretty much sworn off anything even slightly resembling what could be construed as redneck/hillbilly attire. Yet somehow this blazer is the perfect combination of where I came from & where I am. The sticks meets city chic. Also good to know that if this whole 2012 thing does take place and the world starts going to crap I can don my camo blazer and hide out in the woods for a bit.

Thanks babe for the blazer! love it. love you.

Safe to say I went from half scared of camo to completely embracing it ((the non-country and non-obscenely bright camo, that is. In what environment does that orange camo blend? Can you really even call that camo? Perhaps I need to deliver a lesson on the etymology of the word ‘camouflage’ and point out that ‘camo’ is derived from it? *sigh*)). Anyhow, currently I’m obsessing over the perfect pair of camo skinnies. My ideal camo is slightly faded and muted. Pair with heather gray or oxblood for that laid back chic perfection. These are my fave skinnies I’ve found thus far:

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