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For years I’ve donned all-black activewear. If not clad in black, you would find me in another neutral shade. This year I’ve been committed to making movement a priority (totaling 230 days consecutive days currently!) and during these months I’ve found myself upgrading my activewear. Frankly in part due to needing to size up after a bit of unexpected weight gain, but also in part to add to my motivation. Wearing an article of little-too-tight clothing may motivate some, but for me comfort and feeling good in what I am wearing is key. Plus, wearing ill-fitting leggings is something akin to torture in my book.

While neutrals are my style go-to, I’ve really enjoyed incorporating more color into my workout kits this year. I’ve really leaned into sticking with matching sets. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that blazers are great for throwing on over activewear to elevate the look, and I feel the look is more cohesive and polished when the set is matching. As polished as one can look in activewear, that is.

Though I’ve gravitated toward colored sets (and even experimented with patterns!) they still feel very much ‘me’ in style. Don’t be afraid to experiment or change it up! Below are a few of the sets I’ve picked up this year.

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