Fall Favorites

fall fashion trends 2015


I’ve been on a real 70’s vibe the past few months, and I think it’s safe to say that the vintage feel of my Chloe Faye bag sparked this. I’m not one of those girls who’s going to say  

“omgz I have been waiting for fall foreverrrrr bc the fashion!!! Gahhhh!! #whenisitcoming #waitingFOREVER #fallistheBEST #PSL” 

because 1) PSA- fall comes at the same time every year! So, I’m not sure why these people, actual adults, don’t understand how the calendar works, and 2) I live in Florida so let’s be real, fall is still 90 degrees. I enjoy dressing for all seasons, which just means I have to travel so I can experience that temperature change.

1. Button down skirts. 70’s vibe, plus perfect for fall in Florida.

2. Culottes. I find these to be really effortlessly chic.

3. A flowy trench. Perfect for travel or just to help an outfit look a bit more put together.

4. Over-the-knee statement boots. The perfect addition for a simple dress or over skinnies.

5. Delicate emerald ring. Because I’m having one of these made ^.^

6. Simple black Gucci bag with gold detailing. I love the new logo design on this piece.

7. A cropped white blouse. Perfect to pair with skinny denim or a skirt.

8. Pointed lace-up flats. I purchased a chunky heel squared toe pair already that I’m excited to style for the (slightly) cooler months.

9. Snakeskin bag. I love this Faye version in solid snakeskin. When I purchased mine this bag was not yet available. The smaller Faye had a snake skin version, but it didn’t seem as versatile to me as the one I selected. But I love the solid snakeskin version in the larger size.

10. Flirty bell sleeve top. I’d likely purchase one in white myself as it’s my favorite color, but I found the combination of this one unusual and interesting. I would pair with white skinnies.

11. Classic over the knee boots. I had to talk myself out of purchasing these a couple weeks ago. I really wanted them and they’d match my bag awesomely, however I have three pairs of OTK boots that have been worn only once each. Just not so practical for Florida and traveling with them is a bit of a pain.

I’ve already been adding some “fall colored” pieces to my wardrobe through the summer, because really who establishes these rules that only certain colors can be worn at certain times? The three colors I’ve been more interested in as of late are mustard, rust, and emerald. My Faye bag is a rusty color which could be said to be more appropriate for fall, but I’ve been carrying since May and love it with practically any color combo.

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