Hong Island, Thailand Beach Essentials

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I was blessed to visit many wonderful places in 2014. One of the most surreal was Hong Island, Thailand. The serenity and sheer beauty of this place is not something that I can explain in words, so hopefully the photo above has done a bit of justice to this magnificent wonder. I always say that a piece of my heart has been left in my former residences of Seoul and London, and now another piece of my heart resides in Thailand. Who wouldn’t love this wondrous place? To get here you have to hire a boat, so it is important to have all your beach supplies ready as you won’t be able to run back up to your room. Below is what I always keep in my beach bag, any things you bring for days on remote islands that I’ve forgotten?

items in beach bagtowel (similar) // aviators // book // sunblock // water bottle // hat // jambox


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