An Exciting Way To Finance Your Next Holiday

When it comes to taking holidays it seems people are always short on one of two things – time or money. While I cannot aid with the time portion, I was recently introduced to an online solution that can assist with the finance portion!

I’m always keen to learn about new sites, and especially keen to learn about ways to get extra holiday money so when I heard about I knew I had to share it. Worthy is an online auction site that makes it very easy to sell your diamond jewelry, for a fair price. Essentially, it’s like the Kelly Blue book for diamonds.

As many of you know I moved (full time) to New York City this week. One of the most painstaking things of this move was going through every single item I own and deciding: pack for NYC, put in storage, donate, or trash/recycle. I came across so many items that are no longer serving a purpose in my life and was so excited to let them go – well, most of them anyway! After learning about Worthy, I’m wishing that several more of those items had been jewelry!

I started thinking about it, and instead of waiting until it’s time to move, why not periodically assess those old items that are just collecting dust? You know, those diamond earrings your ex boyfriend gave you years ago… are you really going to wear them again? And that watch you wore for a year before deciding it didn’t suit you… wait, you still have that? Seriously? Why exactly are you holding onto this stuff? Instead of leaving these items boxed away and forgotten about, why not sell them using Worthy and let them help you find the best buyer and get you the best price? In the process you will get the funds to go out and enjoy your life a little more! You will be able to de-clutter, enjoy a holiday and make new memories. It’s a winning situation.

Selling on Worthy is very transparent, they have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and their website is very easy to use. Plus, there are dozens of reviews and video testimonials from very happy customers.

So how exactly does it work?

1. Visit Worthy and submit a brief description of your item.

2. Click “Get Quote” and a representative from Worthy will contact you shortly.

3. Worthy fully insures your item and covers shipping costs to their New York City office.

4. Worthy cleans, photographs and grades your item.

5. Worthy sends the item to auction.

6. Auction time! You are able to watch the live auction and see the offers roll in!

7. Once the auction is over you have the choice to accept the highest bid or decline.

8. Within days, the money is deposited into your account!

I love that you have a very good idea of whether Worthy is right for you before you even commit to working with them since they give you the value of your diamond upfront and that ultimately the choice is yours when it comes to accepting the offer. Sometimes you think you are ready to part with something and then you decide you aren’t. Or perhaps you were skeptical of getting rid of it, but after seeing the price the item has fetched you are ecstatic thinking about where you will spend your next holiday! South East Asia, anyone??

This post was sponsored by Worthy, as always all opinions are my own.

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