Gray Suede Crop Moto Jacket At Pier Six


December marks a year since my ‘move’ to NYC, but it was exactly a year ago that I landed in the city on a work assignment and made connections that ultimately lead to me calling this city home. In order to celebrate that I wanted to spend the weekend doing things I don’t normally do – super touristy stuff. We started the day with a helicopter ride around Manhattan. I love to see any city from the sky, and was really looking forward to a little fly over. I love the¬†ability to see new sights and haven’t been in a helicopter in a few years. After the heli ride we headed to One World Observatory for 360* views of the city from pretty much the bottom tip of Manhattan (for those of you unfamiliar with the geography). Talk about a dream space. Floor to ceiling glass, and those views. Heaven. My last photo in this post was taken at One World — I wish I could just have a little studio apartment up there. I’m not even asking for the whole thing, I’m not that greedy! Just give me a small sliver of the floor.

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