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travelessentialsheadphones // socks // lotion // lip balm // pen // notebook // eye mask // minimergency kit

In less than 48 hours I leave for my Asian adventure. I am so excited I can barely think, or pack for that matter… *sigh* do I ever hate packing! Luckily I already have my travel essentials for the inflight portion sorted. What is on my must have list?

  • headphones– the inflight ones are never good sound quality, and might do the trick for a domestic flight in a pinch, but for an international flight your own sound system is a necessity in my book
  • socks– I like to take my shoes off on these long journeys, but don’t want my feet to get cold so a cozy pair of socks are handy to have
  • lotion– long flights tend to zap every ounce of hydration that my body has, so I keep lotion handy to keep my hands and face hydrated. This citrus scent is invigorating without being overpowering.
  • lip balm– this Nivea Kiss of Moisture has been a go to for me for years. The moment I smooth it on my lips instantly feel hydrated and healthy. No one wants to arrive with chapped lips!
  • pen & notebook– yes these days you can write notes in your phone, but I really enjoy putting things on paper. This is handy incase you think of any last minute arrangements you need to make once on ground, or even to start a list of things you’d like to accomplish on the trip. For me having a notebook allows me to jot down a few ideas/memories/post ideas as I’m traveling from one destination to the next.
  • eye mask– I can’t sleep with sound or light so as you can imagine I don’t get much sleep on planes. An eye mask makes my resting time far more enjoyable, and also is handy in the event your destination has bright windows in the room which you’re sleeping. Everyone needs their beauty sleep.
  • minimergency kit– this was a Christmas gift from my friend Jeanette, and it’s perfect for traveling. It’s tiny and has all sorts of items that can help save you from a “mini emergency”

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