The Pink Coat

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A bubblegum pink coat is so feminine, so saccharine, yet a bit bold. I had a pink coat on my fall/winter wishlist, but with holidays and my traveling I didn’t get around to locating one. I saw one in Tokyo (Harajuku) that was a gorgeous hue, but I quite wasn’t sure the quality was exactly what I was looking for. Add that to the fact that I had extremely limited room in my luggage, and it’s obvious why I had to pass. (Post to come on how to pack for multiple countries with multiple climates!) In the meantime I’ve managed to grab a gorgeous pink blazer from Zara which is perfect for the weather currently. BUT, that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned the search for one of these beauties. I’m hoping to find one online on sale (difficult to find coats in Florida in March) and have rounded up a few here at multiple price points. Have you seen any on sale? Let me know!

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