Timeless Fall Style Staples

Year after year these timeless fall style staples are reached for, and with good reason. Each of these items has the ability to elevate a look in an effortless, yet polished, fashion. Some iconic fashion houses have even aligned themselves with certain items on this list and become known for them. For example, Burberry’s iconic trench coat.


Every year sees a new take on this classic which was originally a military uniform and dates back to the 1820’s. My first memory of the trench? Inspector Gadget! This year I’m seeing many reimagined (faux) leather iterations.


To many, the moto jacket is decidedly one of fall’s must-have items. There’s a reason this style has been around since the 1920’s! Did you know the first motorcycle jacket was designed in 1928 in New York and sold for $5.50?


This staple has been around since the beginning of the 19th century and was initially intended to be worn in boats by rowers at Cambridge and Oxford. These original iterations were more akin to what would currently be deemed as a windbreaker and received their name “blazer” due to their bright shade of red. I typically gravitate towards oversized blazers as they elevate a look without looking too corporate.


The ultimate in slip-ons that can be worn year-round, loafers were originally designed by a fisherman from Northern Europe. The first company to produce them commercially was GH Bass in 1936. The shoes became known as Bass Weejuns (more commonly known today as penny loafers). At the time two pennies was just enough to make a call in a phone booth.

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