Better Sleep: Tips And Tricks

A good night of restorative sleep. For some this daily task is an easy win, for others it’s elusive and an ongoing battle. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum having been prescribed sleeping pills for years, and now enjoying (for the most part) full nights of sleep. I thought I’d weigh in with some tips and tricks on how I’ve achieved this.

Pre-sleep ritual:

The room:

  • Complete darkness, especially no blue light. I do not keep a television in my room and use tape to cover any lights which cannot be removed (like on my air purifier).
  • Optimal temperature (high 60s)
  • Sleep mask / silk pillowcase
  • Comfortable and breathable bedding (bamboo)
  • Wash sheets with clean/green laundry detergent. Scented / chemicals can interfere with rest, especially for someone like myself with allergies
  • Use a gentle alarm clock to wake, like this sunrise simulator

Things I do throughout the day to help:

  • Wear blue light glasses. These Pixel glasses have been a game changer for both migraines and better sleep. If I have ONE item to recommend for all millennials, it’s these glasses. You can use the code PIXEL17 for $5 off.
  • Hydrate – this one I’m still working on improving. Turns out no matter how many espressos one consumes, that liquid doesn’t count towards hydration. Who knew? 😉
  • Exercise

Another tip is to avoid caffeine and alcohol. While I drink only a few times a year, I do consume more caffeine than I should. We are all a work in progress 🙂



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